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Are You Planning To Pursue Disability Payments For An Amputation? Here's How To Go About It

Devastating accidents and illnesses that occur at work can, unfortunately, result in amputations. If this happens, some workers may be able to undergo treatment and then resume work after their recovery. However, some cases are more severe, and the employee is unable to work even after receiving treatment. 

If this describes your situation, disability payments can be your lifeline. Therefore, you need to consult an attorney to discuss your condition and options. The legal practitioner also helps determine the best course of action to help pursue the payments. Your legal advisor will likely recommend that you take the following measures to boost your chances of success:

Ascertain How Your Condition Limits You

The administration that oversees disability payments considers applications by the most deserving cases. For example, this describes people who cannot work or care for themselves because of their condition. Therefore, you need to establish the extent to which your disability limits you before making an application. This way, your lawyer can determine the likelihood of qualifying for the payments.

A viable way to ascertain the impact of your condition is by getting a medical examination from a physician. The doctor will examine you and create a detailed report of the activities you cannot perform because of your condition, both in the short and long term. Your attorney will then use this report to establish that your condition has made it difficult or impossible to perform certain work duties, home chores, and self-care tasks as applicable. This documentation will help prove that you need financial assistance immediately.

Gather All the Necessary Information

You must provide documentation detailing your financial and work histories. This includes various jobs you've performed throughout your career and how your amputation makes it challenging to perform them. It is imperative that you gather this information before starting the application process. Your lawyer will advise you on what documentation to get and guide you in preparing your application to ensure that you include all the pertinent information.

Hire a Legal Advisor to Help You Navigate the Process

Pursuing disability payments and getting the financial help you need is possible, sometimes even without working with a legal advisor. However, there is a possibility that you might make a mistake that could make you fail to qualify for the payments. So, it would behoove you to consider hiring a legal advisor to help you navigate the application process. They will assist you in handling the paperwork and ensure that your application has all the required information. This will help increase your chances of qualifying for the benefits. Nonetheless, even if your initial application doesn't go through, your legal practitioner can file an appeal to aid you in getting the payments you require.

Applying for disability payments for an amputation can be less daunting if you take the measures above. Hiring a Social Security Disability attorney to guide you throughout the process and prevent errors that might make you fail to qualify for disability payments would be prudent.

Contact a Social Security Disability attorney to learn more.