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Five years ago, another vehicle struck my car from behind while I was driving to a college class at night. Immediately, I started feeling pressure in my neck. After surveying the damage to my car, I was heartbroken. I knew the back bumper of my vehicle would have to be replaced. Thankfully, the pressure in my neck quickly subsided; and, I was able to get my car fixed quickly. Sadly, other people’s situations don’t end as well as mine did. Every year, many people are seriously injured in car wrecks. If you’ve recently sustained physical injuries or damage to your vehicle from a car crash, consider consulting with a reputable accident and personal injury lawyer. On this blog, you will discover the ways an accident and personal injury attorney can help you get your life back after a car wreck.

6 Mistakes That Will Make It More Difficult To Win Your Personal Injury Case

A lot of personal injury plaintiffs make some big mistakes when they experience their injury and while they're preparing their claim or lawsuit. There are some common mistakes to be aware of and avoid that can significantly detract from the chances that plaintiffs will win their personal injury case.

The following are six mistakes to avoid to maximize the chances that you will win your personal injury case.

1. Saying the wrong thing at the accident scene

Any statement you make at the accident scene when the injury occurs can be used against you down the road. That's why it's important to minimize the communication that goes on and avoid making any statement that could sound like an apology or admission of responsibility.

2. Not insisting that a police report is filed

A police report could significantly strengthen your case. It will also typically include important contact information for witnesses and other informational resources that are likely to be valuable to your case. 

3. Waiting too long to get treatment

If you're dealing with an injury that you consider to be the result of another party's negligence, it's important to get treatment for it right away.

Waiting to seek medical treatment can cause you to look suspect when pursuing a personal injury claim. It puts across the impression that you're not really concerned about your injury and are more focused on getting money. 

Waiting to seek medical treatment could also lead to a more serious injury while also decreasing the amount of compensation you get. 

4. Being unorganized when keeping relevant records

There are a variety of different types of record that are going to be important to your case. First of all, you'll need to present medical records detailing the diagnosis and treatment you received. These records should show how much your medical bills resulting from the injury have been.

Other important records include written accounts of the injury and accident scene as well as calculations of any lost wages. 

5. Agreeing to a settlement that's too low

Working with an experienced personal injury attorney is important because it helps you to get a good idea of what your case is worth. This will make it so that you won't agree to any settlement offer that's less than what you can expect to win through a claim or lawsuit. 

6. Not knowing what the relevant deadlines are for filing your claim or lawsuit

There is always a statute of limitations on personal injury cases that vary by state. You need to know what the statute of limitations is for your particular case so that you know you're not missing any filing deadlines. 

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